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Get smart about spending: Using a credit card wisely

Are your credit cards collecting dust or racking up frequent “swiper” miles? Whether your cards are dormant or constantly in use, you may be guilty of common credit card blunders that are costing you precious time and money. But learning how to use a credit card wisely can help ensure you’re taking full advantage of its benefits. We’ll show you how. Reap this benefit: Convenience Like... Continue Reading »

Boomerang Kids – Adjusting Your Budget for Their Return

Just when you think your nest is empty, it fills right back up! Adults returning to live with their parents are affectionately referred to as boomerang kids, and while many parents don’t mind the temporary return of their offspring, it can certainly result in extra expenses around the house. Luckily, some small adjustments can keep your once-again-full house from breaking the bank. First of a... Continue Reading »

Save Money by Reading the Fine Print

It’s a recurring theme for financial success: know what you’re getting yourself into. Whether you’re opening a checking or savings account or applying for a loan, reading the fine print is one of the best ways to ensure you fully understand the financial product. Below, learn how to save money by paying close attention to the terms and conditions. Know your loan terms While applying fo... Continue Reading »

First Paycheck? Make it go further on a budget

Ah, there’s nothing like the thrill of getting that first paycheck from your first “real” job after college. You’ve probably spent it a million different ways in your head already, but before you use up the real thing, take a look at our tips for creating a budget. Get started on the right foot by allocating funds to savings, retirement, and more. And don’t worry: We’ll leave some room... Continue Reading »

Estate planning – it’s not just for retirees

When many adults hear the words “estate planning,” they immediately assume it’s something their parents should be thinking about. But it’s worth considering at a young age, says Beverly Hobbs, AAMS®, an LPL Financial Advisor with Cobalt CU Wealth Management, especially if you’re a parent or guardian. “We think of estate planning as planning for retirement, but it’s really not s... Continue Reading »

Planning a vacation on a budget

Whether you’re a college student considering what to do over spring break, a busy parent pondering family trip options, or a working professional who needs a recharge-and-refresh kind of breather, a vacation is likely just what you need. Fortunately, you don’t need to drain your savings account just to embark on some travel. When you plan a vacation within a reasonable budget, you can se... Continue Reading »

3 Important Steps to Transferring Credit Card Balances

If you’re chipping away at a mountain of credit card debt, you might feel like it’s a never-ending task. Part of the reason it can be hard to gain ground is high interest rates that continually add to your bottom line. If you’re looking at a pile of debt with a sky-high rate, a balance transfer might be a good option for you. While transferring credit card balances won’t magically make ... Continue Reading »

Debt Management: Breaking Bad Financial Habits

Being in debt can be a heavy burden to bear. Not only does it affect your wallet, but it can also have consequences for your emotional and physical health and more. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: The biggest secret to getting and staying out of debt is changing your mindset about money. Here we explore the psychology of bad financial habits and offer tips for breaking them, to h... Continue Reading »

Tips to avoid identity theft

With reports of retail data breaches popping up all too often, identity theft protection is a real concern. No one wants to learn that their personal data has been compromised. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help prevent ID theft. At Cobalt CU, we’re advocates of being proactive about safeguarding your financial information and identity. That’s why we’ve posted several blogs ... Continue Reading »

Money Management Tips to Help Your Resolutions Stick

Every January, we lay out our resolutions for the year to help us stay focused. Just putting them out there is a great first step: Research shows that people who openly make goals are 10 times more likely to reach them than those who don’t – and that applies to financial goals, too. But what’s the next step? How can you make it even more likely that you’ll keep those resolutions? Whet... Continue Reading »