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Tips to avoid identity theft

With reports of retail data breaches popping up all too often, identity theft protection is a real concern. No one wants to learn that their personal data has been compromised. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help prevent ID theft. At Cobalt CU, we’re advocates of being proactive about safeguarding your financial information and identity. That’s why we’ve posted several blogs ... Continue Reading »

Credit Repair: How to boost your score and get back on track

You’ve aced the interview for your dream job, and now the head of HR is calling. Confident and excited, you’re ready to accept the offer, but she has crushing news: You’re being turned down because of your low credit score. Being denied a car loan, mortgage or even a job because of a low credit score can be distressing. Here’s how to reverse a low rating and get back on track. Kn... Continue Reading »

Money Management Tips to Help Your Resolutions Stick

Every January, we lay out our resolutions for the year to help us stay focused. Just putting them out there is a great first step: Research shows that people who openly make goals are 10 times more likely to reach them than those who don’t – and that applies to financial goals, too. But what’s the next step? How can you make it even more likely that you’ll keep those resolutions? Whet... Continue Reading »

Financial Tips for Freelancers

Transitioning from a corporate job to self-employment can feel overwhelming but exhilarating. You might be giving up steady paychecks (and all those break room snacks), but you’re gaining the thrill of being your own boss. Get started right by creating a financial tracking system that will help you keep a budget in line, pay your taxes correctly, and manage expenses. Here are five financial t... Continue Reading »

Money Management Tips for Couples

When you’re single, your financial success depends on your own actions. Your credit history, savings plan, and ability to repay debt rest solely on your shoulders. When you’re part of a couple, though, a new factor that’s often difficult to master comes into play: communication. Talking openly about finances can be difficult, especially as a pair: Your best money management tips may not a... Continue Reading »

Kids and Money: Top tips to help educate

Allowances, first jobs, babysitting cash, birthday money from Grandma – today’s youth have access to money in a way that previous generations may not have. Fortunately, they also have unprecedented access to financial tools and resources that can help them set good habits for life. Here’s a roundup of tips for teaching kids about money. Here’s a roundup of tips for teaching kids about m... Continue Reading »

5 Mistakes to Avoid: Tips on Saving Money in Your 20s

College days, first job – your 20s can be the beginning of many adventures. Because this can be a busy decade, it might be tempting to postpone long-term financial plans. But the strategies you put in place now can create habits that will not only help you by saving money in your 20s, but for years to come. Here are five money-saving mistakes people in their 20s tend to make. Mistake 1: Pas... Continue Reading »

Holiday-ready: Tips on saving money and adjusting your budget

Parties, gifts, travel, and events – the holidays are often a blur of activity and good cheer. Unfortunately, the season can also result in a flurry of expenses. In a 2012 poll by Think Finance, nearly half of those surveyed said they’d rather skip the holidays altogether, mainly due to financial concerns. Fortunately, you don’t need to play Grinch to keep from going into debt.Here are some... Continue Reading »

The identity theft prevention tips to know before your next purchase

Holiday shopping is just around the corner, and although you might be tempted to pay only in cash, there are other ways to prevent identity theft and keep your accounts safe from exposure. By learning the signs of ID theft and knowing the steps to take if you suspect your identity is being stolen, you can shut down the theft and protect yourself. With Cobalt Credit Union’s new e-book, The ... Continue Reading »

The Better Way to Purchase a Home: Cobalt’s Low Down Payment Mortgage

When you’re getting ready to buy a house, particularly for the first time, it can be challenging to navigate the countless fees, interest rates, and loan options. Fortunately, you’ve got a friend in the business. Read on to learn how, or visit the convenient Cobalt CU online mortgage center for more information. A buyer-friendly mortgage product Cobalt offers a mortgage product that aid... Continue Reading »