Youth Accounts

Start them off saving.

It’s never too early to start saving — or to start learning about finances. We’re proud to offer two programs for our pint-sized customers: the Baby Bundle savings plan and the Dollar Dog kids’ program.

Baby Bundle Savings Plan

With our Baby Bundle Savings Plan, we’ll contribute a Savings Certificate up to $50 to your child’s account when you open a plan in their name and make a $30 contribution. You’ll also receive a gift for your little one from Cobalt Credit Union!

To qualify, you simply need to have a child under 12 months old and live or work in any of the eight counties we’re located in. 

The Savings Certificate automatically renews at the current rate for a 12- or 24-month fixed-rate certificate until you choose to cash it in, yielding a higher dividend rate than a typical savings account. The longer you keep it, the more dividends it accrues, and the more money you have for your child's future.

There is no limit to how often you can contribute to the Savings Certificate, and your friends and family can also contribute — even if they are not members of Cobalt Credit Union.

Find a Cobalt Credit Union branch to get started, or download and print Baby Bundle account cards.

Dollar Dog Kids Club

Dollar Dog Kids Club is a fun and easy way to reward kids 12 and under for saving and learning some financial basics. 

Kids will receive an official club membership card, savings book and punch card when they sign up. They’ll receive a punch on the card every time they make a deposit. When it’s filled, they can turn it in to be part of our quarterly prize drawing!  

They’ll also receive access to the Dollar Dog Clubhouse, a website packed with fun and educational opportunities to learn about money.

Sign up for the Dollar Dog Kids Club at any Cobalt Credit Union branch or call 402-292-8000.