Personal Visa Credit Cards

Everything you look for in a credit card: no fees and the best rates.

Choose the credit card that fits your lifestyle. Get rewarded with Cobalt's Signature Rewards Visa® or keep it simple with Cobalt's Classic Visa®. Both cards offer our members low annual percentage rate (APR), enhanced security features, and no annual fees or balance transfer fees - no kidding!


Signature Rewards Visa® Credit Card Cobalt Signature Rewards Visa Credit Card

Cobalt's Visa® credit card with rewards...

  • Earn 1 point** per dollar spent - with no limit to the rewards you can earn
  • Spend $2,000 in the first 90 days to automatically receive $100 in statement credit
  • Redeem points for cash back, statement credits, event tickets, travel, and gift cards
  • Cobalt Signature Rewards Visa® Rates: 11.00% - 17.99% 
  • Cash Advance Rates: 14.00% - 17.99%

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**Points expire after 36 months.

Classic VISA® Credit Card Cobalt Classic Visa Credit Card

Cobalt's standard Visa® credit card...

  • Cobalt Classic Visa® Rates: 10.00% - 17.99% 
  • Cash Advance Rates: 13.00% - 17.99% 
  • No transfer fees make this a great balance transfer credit card

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Apply for a new Cobalt Credit Union Visa® credit card today and enjoy the super low introductory rate of 1.99% APR* for six months on balance transfers and purchases with no balance transfer fees.




*Annual Percentage Rate. Rates may vary based on credit score. Promotional APR is fixed for six billing cycles from the date the account was opened

All Cobalt VISA® Credit Cards include:

  • No balance transfer fees
  • No annual fee 
  • No separate limits for cash advances - take up to your regular purchase limit
  • Free online account access
  • Choose your limit up to $30,000
  • EMV chip enhanced security

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Additional Features

Pay from your phone
Keep payments secure
Norton LifeLock logo
Norton LifeLock is a new benefit to our Visa® members. 
  • Dark Web Monitoring - receive notifications when certain information is identified on the dark web

  • One Bureau Credit Monitoring - alerts for hard credit inquiries and changes to a credit file

  • Case Remediation Support - dedicated, specialized support agents help navigate an identity theft situation

  • Lost Wallet Assistance - a checklist of tasks to complete when you lose a wallet with assistance from a support agent to discuss and review the available resources

  • Digital Dashboard - view alerts, account management, case remediation and management

  • Discounts on select Norton LifeLock upgrades and alternatives

  • Support via web/mobile/phone channels

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*Effective February 1, 2021

Credit Card Resources


Get a clear picture of your repayment:

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Our Platinum Plus Business Visa offers flexibility for business owners with low rates, no balance transfer fee, no annual fee and EMV chip security. The Cobalt Credit Union Visa® features Visa Secure, additional protection for online transactions.

Business Credit Cards

Credit Scoring

Credit scoring isn’t as mysterious as it seems. We can explain the rhyme and reason behind the process, including why having a good score matters and how you can increase your numbers.


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