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Holiday-ready: Tips on saving money and adjusting your budget

Parties, gifts, travel and events – the holidays are often a blur of activity and good cheer. Unfortunately, the season can also result in a flurry of expenses. Fortunately, you don’t need to play Grinch to keep from going into debt. Here are some tips for adjusting your budget now to allow extra room for spending over the next few months: Take a glance at holidays past. Understanding ... Continue Reading »

The identity theft prevention tips to know before your next purchase

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and although you might be tempted to pay only in cash, there are other ways to prevent identity theft and keep your accounts safe from exposure. By learning the signs of ID theft and knowing the steps to take if you suspect your identity is being stolen, you can shut down the theft and protect yourself. With Cobalt Credit Union’s e-book, The Identity Thef... Continue Reading »

Ready for a rainy day: Create an emergency fund for unexpected expenses

Car repairs, a change in job status, or even a larger-than-usual grocery bill: No matter how carefully you budget, unexpected expenses tend to come up sooner or later. For those situations, it’s important to give yourself a cushion by creating an emergency fund. Read on for some pointers to help you get started. Top tips for building an emergency fund Based on your current budget, figu... Continue Reading »

An Essential Guide to Credit Fundamentals

Credit affects many parts of your overall financial health, from your budget to the types of loans you’re able to get. And good credit doesn’t just appear overnight – it takes careful management and strategic planning to build or rebuild your credit. So where do you start? In our ebook, The Building Blocks of Credit, we’ll show you the importance of establishing a good credit rating, o... Continue Reading »

Want a Stress-free Holiday Season? Consider a Personal Loan

Lively family gatherings, sumptuous food, sparkly events, and piles of colorful presents: These are the images that suffuse the holiday season, but behind all that warmth and good cheer can be plenty of stress, especially when it comes to holiday-related finances. Thankfully, there’s a way to get control of seasonal spending without giving everyone socks and toothbrushes this year. Cobalt CU�... Continue Reading »

Credit Repair: How to boost your score and get back on track

You’ve aced the interview for your dream job, and now the head of HR is calling. Confident and excited, you’re ready to accept the offer, but she has crushing news: You’re being turned down because of your low credit score. Being denied a car loan, mortgage or even a job because of a low credit score can be distressing. Here’s how to reverse a low rating and get back on track. Kn... Continue Reading »

Top Tips for Saving Money This Fall

Fall is a time for new beginnings. From the new school year to busy pre-holiday planning, it’s a time to revisit your personal goals before the year ends. It’s also a time to reevaluate your finances so you can adjust your savings habits as needed. Here are some of our top tips for saving money this fall. “Money Management Tips for Couples” Money management isn’t always an easy conve... Continue Reading »

Credit Union vs Bank: The major differences

If you’re thinking about switching from a bank to a credit union, you may be worried that the transition will be difficult or confusing. That’s normal! But the good news is most people find the change largely positive as they get acquainted with all the personal services offered by a credit union vs a bank. The first difference you should be aware of (and happy about) is that credit unions... Continue Reading »

Worth Celebrating: International Credit Union Day

Celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948, International Credit Union (ICU) Day® was designed to boost awareness of the member benefits of credit unions and highlight their impact on local communities. There are more than 57,000 credit unions in the world, serving nearly 208 million people in 103 countries, and all are working to improve the lives of members through financial ed... Continue Reading »

Debt Management: Breaking Bad Financial Habits

Being in debt can be a heavy burden to bear. Not only does it affect your wallet, but it can also have consequences for your emotional and physical health and more. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: The biggest secret to getting and staying out of debt is changing your mindset about money. Here we explore the psychology of bad financial habits and offer tips for breaking them, to h... Continue Reading »