Better Banking, True Blue

Welcome to Cobalt Credit Union.

We're proud to announce that SAC Federal Credit Union is now Cobalt Credit Union. Born from a tradition of honor and service, our new name will allow us to expand into new markets, strengthening our offerings, assisting more communities and welcoming new members. Most importantly, our new name will allow us to provide better banking for you. Welcome.

How does the name change impact me?

​Although our name and visual identity have changed, our commitment to provide you with superior products and services has not. Our goal is that this is a seamless transition that does not require any additional work on your part.

Why did you change the name?

With $1 billion in assets and a proposed new charter that allows us to expand into more markets, the Cobalt Credit Union brand identity reflects our vibrant future. As we expand into more markets, we will assist new communities, welcome new members and intensify at every turn.

What is the meaning behind the name Cobalt?

By definition, Cobalt is an intense element and electrifying color. It embodies words like vibrancy, pride, stability and trust. The new brand integrates elements from our former SAC Federal Credit Union brand as a way to celebrate our rich history.

Are you expanding into new markets?​

Currently, we serve more than 110,000 members in 25 branches. We will continue to grow and expand into new markets across Iowa and Nebraska giving you even greater access to your credit union. For a complete list of branch locations, please visit our Branches & ATM Locations page.

Will there be any disruptions to accessing my money?

​No. We do not anticipate any disruptions.

Will any services be unavailable during the transition of names from SAC Federal Credit Union to Cobalt Credit Union?

 No. The same services will be available during the transition.

How do I access my online banking information?

​The website address will officially transition from to on August 1. You will automatically be directed to the new site if you access an old link or bookmark.

Will my account number change?

​No. All of your account numbers will remain the same.

Why weren’t members notified in advance?

Our top concern was ensuring that there was not a disruption in service and that our members were taken care of. To limit market confusion, we made the decision to strategically announce the change on Aug. 1. Members received an email and written notice. We also announced the change on our website, on social media and via traditional media outlets. Our intention was to make the transition from SAC Federal Credit Union to Cobalt Credit Union as seamless as possible and to minimize confusion.

Are you still Federally insured?

Yes. The National Credit Union Administration or NCUA federally insures Cobalt Credit Union. Your deposits will continue to be insured by the same NCUA insurance fund.

Did Cobalt Credit Union acquire SAC Federal Credit Union?

No. This was not a merger or acquisition. SAC Federal Credit Union formally changed its name and brand to Cobalt Credit Union. However, everything else regarding the credit union remains the same.

Will I need to set up new bill pay payees and payments?


Will my SAC Federal Credit Union ATM or debit or credit card still work?

Your existing SAC Federal Credit Union card and PIN will continue to work. There is no action needed on your part regarding either your current debit or credit card. You will receive a Cobalt card upon expiration of your existing SAC Federal Credit Union card.

Will I receive new Cobalt Credit Union checks?

No, you may continue to use your existing SAC Federal Credit Union checks. New check orders will reflect the Cobalt Credit Union name.

Will the SAC mobile app for Apple and Android still work?

Yes. The mobile app will be updated soon to reflect the new brand identity. App functionality will remain the same. You may need to force an app update to see the change when it’s available.

I currently follow SAC Federal Credit Union on social media. Do I need to follow new pages?

​The current social media pages will adopt Cobalt Credit Union addresses starting August 1, 2018. You do not make any changes to your account.

What will happen to the SAC Foundation?

​The SAC Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, will not change. We will continue to operate under the name SAC Foundation and are committed to our mission to be a steward of economic and social sustainability in the communities we serve.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

​You may stop in any Cobalt Credit Union branch during normal business hours, or you may contact the Cobalt contact center at 800-228-0392.