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Learn how credit cards work: The fine print

Credit cards can be a useful part of your financial toolbox. Along with enabling you to purchase items now and pay for them later, credit cards can also help you build your credit score. But don’t start filling out that application until you have a good understanding of how credit cards work. It’s easy to sign on the dotted line, but it isn’t as easy to understand the fine print that weaves... Continue Reading »

Living on a budget: Summer fun edition

Don’t let your vacation dreams turn into an excuse to quit living on a budget or start racking up credit charges that you’ll spend months paying off. With a little smart planning now, you can enjoy a great summer without worrying about financial repercussions. Plan within your means If a week at an all-inclusive resort isn’t realistic, set your sights elsewhere. Don’t fall into the t... Continue Reading »

Debt facts and myths: The truth about how debt adds up

Most debt is incurred with large purchases, like big televisions or extensive vacations, so if you just keep those big charges in check, you’ll be fine, right? Wrong. In fact, for many people, debt sneaks up after using credit cards for small purchases. Here are some debt facts and myths that will help you get your finances under control. Consider these three credit myths and the solutions... Continue Reading »

Small business tools to help manage day-to-day tasks

When it comes to running a small business, the daily, weekly, or monthly tasks involved in keeping things humming can be surprisingly time-consuming. You need to focus as much energy as possible producing whatever it is your business specializes in, but the little details can take up more of your time than you ever would have expected. There are plenty of small business tools to help you worry les... Continue Reading »

Living on a budget? 5 guidelines to follow

Putting together a realistic budget is one of those to-do list items that feels daunting for many people.  However, getting a handle on spending, saving, and education expenses is one of the best ways to make living on a budget effective. Cobalt Credit Union’s Beverly Hobbs, AAMS®, LPL Financial Advisor, answers some questions on good strategies to implement, so that budget planning isn�... Continue Reading »

Make the most of your tax refund

Your tax refund is here, and suddenly you’re envisioning all the items that you can buy. Although small luxuries are a healthy part of any financial plan, when it comes to funding infusions like tax returns, holiday bonuses, or unexpected windfalls, saving at least some of that money is important. And when you do, make the most out of those funds by thinking about your financial goals. Here a... Continue Reading »

What the credit cycle means to you

Interest and dividend rates may seem to change at a whim. Unless you happen to be chairperson of the Federal Reserve Bank, you can’t do much to control which direction the credit cycle takes. But if you understand a bit about why these rates change, you can time some important financial decisions to your advantage. Low interest rates mean lower loan payments, and high interest rates mean hi... Continue Reading »

Easy ways to build a last-minute vacation fund and cover travel expenses

The winter temperatures mean you’ve been stuck inside lately. Cabin fever has set in, and you’re antsy for a getaway. But your bank account is as low as the wind chill readings. Here are some quick tips to help you save for and on travel expenses. Build your vacation fund Sell the clutter. It’s never too early to start your spring-cleaning. Take inventory of your house and get rid ... Continue Reading »

Looking to reduce debt? Consider a credit card balance transfer

From college textbook purchases to holiday shopping trips, credit card debt can start to pile up for a lot of people. Because they typically carry higher interest rates, eliminating any debt you’ve accumulated on credit cards can have a big financial impact. One simple tactic for paying down that debt is a credit card balance transfer. A credit card balance transfer is a quick way to put mor... Continue Reading »

Prevent identity theft: teach kids safe browsing habits

When your kids are online – whether they’re watching videos or playing games – you likely worry about the content they’re consuming. As a parent, it’s also important to think about the information they’re giving out and to teach them about safe browsing. That’s because online identity thieves are also targeting unsuspecting children. When your children have access to home comput... Continue Reading »