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Kids and money: 8 tips to help your children become more money-savvy

Teaching your kids about money isn’t a single conversation. It’s a process that goes on until they’re on their own – and beyond. But money talk can be tough, so here are some tips for how to conduct your kids’ financial education. 1. Teach by example. Kids learn how you handle money long before you start to consciously teach them. When they see you buying on impulse or preparing a bu... Continue Reading »

ID Theft: Simple steps can help protect your data

There’s no denying that the lightning-fast development of the Internet and huge jumps in technology in the past two decades have transformed how we handle day-to-day transactions, from banking and paying bills to shopping and booking trips. But with the good comes the bad: According to Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2013 Identity Fraud Report, there was one incident of identity fraud every thre... Continue Reading »