Teaching kids about money with Banzai

Teaching kids about money isn’t always as straightforward as teaching adults. Even for students who are old enough to start thinking about their future, financial planning can seem like a topic too dry and far off to take on. If you’re a teacher looking to introduce personal finance in the classroom, take a look at Banzai.

SAC Federal Credit Union launched Banzai, an online learning tool designed to help parents and middle school and high school teachers introduce money basics into the home and classroom. It’s an interactive Web-based financial literacy tool that teaches teens how to use money wisely and avoid financial traps. Real-world scenarios combined with Web-based tools and a printed guidebook make learning about money fun, exciting, and easy.

Banzai in the classroom
For schools looking to be more involved in their students’ early financial education, Banzai offers a means to explore the basics of personal finance. Students can expect to learn about insurance, debt, rent, smart spending habits, and more. Students will take a pre-program test and another test after completion to gauge their understanding and progress.

The best part is, the program is free. All your students need to get started is an internet connection and the complimentary Banzai packet – which you can get by filling out the form here.

Financial education is a lifelong process. So Banzai helps teachers set teens up for the long haul. Once they complete the program, they’ll have a solid skill set to make smarter financial decisions and the confidence to keep building on their knowledge and become even savvier spenders and savers.

A little incentive
Because SAC Federal Credit Union is serious about helping communities and students, $50 is added to each new SAC checking account opened in a teen’s name upon completion. It’s the perfect way to motivate students to start taking control of their financial lives and give them a head start toward a rewarding financial future.

Teachers and parents can get a Banzai kit and find out more information about the program by clicking here.

Are you a teacher who’s making an impact on your students’ financial education? Share your tips and comments below.

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