March Madness: Our top credit and savings tips face off

If you’re a college hoops fan, March Madness means brackets and basketball. Though many of us at Cobalt Credit Union will watch our share of games this month, our interests will always lean toward the financial. In that spirit, here’s a look at some of our top blogs and top tips: Credit vs. savings edition.

Credit and saving both have their place in a solid financial plan. Here’s a look at both sides. First up: our top five credit posts.

1. Finding out you have a low credit score can be disheartening. If it’s low enough, it could get in the way of important goals, like purchasing a home. “Credit repair: Top tips to help you improve your credit score” is one of our most popular posts. It offers great advice for improving your score that you can act on.

2. Closing out a credit account after paying off the balance might seem like a satisfying way to celebrate the accomplishment, but is it the best idea when it comes to your credit score? Our blog, “Mythbuster: Should you close a credit card account to improve your credit score?,” answers that question.

3. If you’re looking to improve your score, creating a credit recovery plan can be a big help. Click over to “Credit repair tips: How to boost your score and get back on track” for solid tips on starting the process.

4. If you talk about credit, you inevitably have to explore credit scores, but is that the only thing that goes into determining if you get a loan? Another in our mythbuster series, this blog answers the question: Is my credit score the only thing lenders look at?

5. Finally, if you’re looking to delve even deeper into credit and credit reports, download our comprehensive e-book: The Building Blocks of Credit.

On the other side of the coin, here are our top four savings-focused posts:

1. We all know that saving money in general is a good thing, but having specific savings funds can make that more tangible. Emergency funds are a good place to start. Savers can find tips at “Ready for a rainy day: Create an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.”

2. Depending on where you are in your life, retirement can seem like it’s so far away or coming up fast. No matter what stage you’re at, it’s time to brush up your retirement tactics. Start by reading this post: “Time is on your side: Build retirement savings, no matter your age.”

3. Setting concrete goals can help boost your savings success. See “Reach for the gold with family financial goals”for pointers that will help you set, and reach, those goals.

4. Brushing up on your savings savvy will help you build a strong financial foundation. For more financial basics tips, download our in-depth e-book: Financial Basics Made Easy.

Which side of the financial balance are you working on? Credit or saving?

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