Kick-Off Financial Literacy Month with our FREE resources

April is National Financial Literacy Month, and it’s also the first full month of spring, which means new beginnings. That makes it the perfect time to establish some fresh financial resolutions.

Not sure where to start, or even what topics might interest you? No problem. Cobalt CU has a wealth of resources that can help you boost your financial literacy:

Blog posts

Since you’re here, you likely already know what a great resource the Cobalt CU blog is, but we want to remind you about our archives. From transferring credit card balances to VA financing to identity protection while traveling, we’ve covered it all. Take some time to explore financial topics by category – such as kids and money, credit and loans, and tax season – and build up your financial literacy based on your interests and goals. 


No matter what financial topics you want to dive into, you can pick up some valuable insights from our collection of free e-books. Check out the e-book roundup for descriptions and links to our guides. Whether you’re just starting your first job and want to build your credit or you’re nearing retirement age and want to know more about investments, we’ve got you covered.

KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education)

Even though it pays to pick up smart money management when you’re young, financial literacy can give you huge advantages at any age. Consider expanding your personal money management knowledge with KOFE(Knowledge of Financial Education), a free online educational platform available through Cobalt CU. KOFE consists of a FREE online portal with engaging educational tools and a toll-free number to unlimited financial coaching resources. The website is user-friendly, available 24/7, and works on any device to fit your lifestyle. You can get started for FREE by Clicking here.

During Financial Literacy Month, pledge to improve financial wellness by learning about a range of topics, from debt and savings to retirement and college. Tap into the resources above and visit the Financial Literacy Month website for even more. This is one investment of your time that will definitely pay off.

Set a strong starting point for your month of education with our free e-book: Financial Basics Made Easy.