Financial Literacy Month Resources

April is Financial Literacy Month! This important topic can seem overwhelming, but Cobalt Credit Union has a variety of free resources to help you throughout your financial journey. 

Financial Resource Center 

Our online Financial Resource Center is free and available to everyone. There you will find a continually updated collection of financial literacy articles on a multitude of topics, financial calculators, news, and even educational games for youth of all ages So, whether you want information on auto loans, starting a small business, or need some tips for your next trip, this hub of knowledge is just a click away.  

Financial e-books 

We have a library of e-books and worksheets, on an array of topics, that are available to download for free from  our website. You can plan your financial goals, learn about identity theft, create a budget, manage your debt, and a variety of other helpful topics! 


Financial decisions can be anxiety inducing. Especially when it comes to crunching the numbers. You may wonder if the formula is off or if the number is right. Worry no more, we have a bank of calculators on our website, from mortgage calculators to 401K savings, we have you covered.  

Credit Scoring Q&A 

Your credit score  can have an impact on a lot of factors throughout your financial journey, especially when it comes to purchasing power. We know you have questions, that is why we answered the most common ones in our FAQ About Credit Scoring


Lastly, our blog covers quite a lineup of financial topics. We have shared information about fraud, moving tips, teaching kids about money, and everything in between. Our past blog posts are available on our website for you to review to see what topics can help you!  

We hope that you take some time during Financial Literacy Month to check out some of these free resources, but do not stop there. These resources are available all year long and will help you feel confident in the next step of your financial adventure!