Diapers to dorm rooms: Teaching kids about money

In many families, money was once a taboo subject. Kids would grow up with a vague idea that their parents made enough to support the household, but it wasn’t until they got their own jobs that they began to understand how finances work.

Fortunately, these days, kids learn about money much earlier, thanks to their own savings accounts, open conversations about budgets around the family dinner table, and college savings funds that might be opened before they take their first steps.

That’s why Cobalt CU is excited to introduce our latest e-book focusing on how to teach kids about money. With “The Parents’ Guide to Raising Financially Savvy Kids,” you and your family will gain the knowledge you need to establish good financial habits that last a lifetime. You’ll learn:

  • What expenses will affect your budget when you’re expecting a baby
  • How confirming maternity leave and insurance coverage now can save in the long run
  • Why life insurance is an important part of financial planning
  • When to start a child’s college fund
  • Why setting up early savings habits can inspire children to be more financially savvy later
  • Tips on having a conversation with kids about “wants vs. needs” when it comes to using their allowance money or saving toward specific goals
  • How to turn a trip to the grocery store into a valuable lesson
  • Why allowing for splurge items will help your kids save, not thwart their efforts
  • The advantages of a secured credit card for building credit history without risking debt

With some simple tips, you can help guide your child through money topics and make saving and budgeting a family affair.

Download “The Parents’ Guide to Raising Financially Savvy Kids” for free today.