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Reach your goals: Get a personal loan

Whether you’re wanting to renovate your home, go on a dream vacation or pay off some debt, a personal loan may be the solution for you. A personal loan provides you with one lump sum of a fixed amount of money. The amount varies depending on the lender, but often can be anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000. Rates vary, as well, and are generally based on your credit score and the term of the loan sel... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Identity Theft Myths

In today's world it is more important than ever to focus on the things that we can control to better safeguard our financial future. It's easy to get complacent, lulled into a false sense of security, when there are many other more urgent things to think about. That's why we assembled the Top 10 Identity Theft Myths that you need to stop believing now. Along with this information are suggested res... Continue Reading »

Preventing Tax Payer Identity Theft

While you may be ready to never look back at 2020 again, there is still one aspect of the year left for you to deal with – your taxes. This year, anti-fraud experts are seeing an increase in various types of fraud due to the covid-19 pandemic. With the 2020 tax return season upon us, it’s anticipated that there will be an uptick in tax-related identity theft as well. Tax identity theft happ... Continue Reading »

What is a personal loan? Our Q&A has answers

When it comes to loans, most are easily defined by their names: home loan, car loan, or business loan, for example. But what is a personal loan? A personal loan allows you to borrow a lump sum of cash, which can be used for whatever you need. The loan isn’t secured by collateral, like a car or a house, so it can offer a great deal of flexibility in how it’s used. In fact, some people appl... Continue Reading »

Synthetic Identity Fraud and the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and so is the increase in risk for identity theft. Fictional characters are a big part of the season, but sadly they've also become a big part of identity thieves' tool kits as well. According to a Federal Trade Commission Report, over the last five years, Synthetic Identity Fraud has become the fastest growing type of financial crime in the United States and accounts for... Continue Reading »

Secrets of Holiday Budgeting: Webinar

Aside from all the cheer that comes with the holiday season, the holidays can be financially strenuous. The ticket to avoiding the holiday debt hangover, and making the season less stressful, is good planning. Watch our "Secrets of Holiday Budgeting" webinar and learn how to plan and budget for the holidays amid covid. The webinar covers:  Average holiday expenditures Creating a holiday s... Continue Reading »

Online Holiday Shopping - Buyer Beware

The rise of online shopping during the pandemic has led to a proportional increase in online fraud and scams.  As the holiday season approaches, we want to make sure you are armed with the knowledge and the skills to protect yourself. With a little awareness, you can avoid online shopping fraud as the busiest time of the year for retail shopping is shifting into high gear.  As of mid-November... Continue Reading »

Identity Theft: What You Need to Know

Identity theft can result in stress, financial loss and a big chunk of your time spent undoing the damage. The best defense is a good offense: Know what you’re up against and be proactive in following security measures. Below, we provide an overview of what you need to know to keep your personal and financial information secure.   Understand How Thieves Work Criminals continue to inven... Continue Reading »

New Year’s Resolutions: 5 financial goals for a fit new year

You resolve to hit the gym four times a week and cut back on caffeine. You work to advance your career by going after that promotion. Why not commit to increasing your prosperity over the next 12 months? Establishing a plan to maximize your income is just as important as forming a fitness or career plan. So plan to add fiscal goals to your list of New Year’s resolutions. The beginning of a ne... Continue Reading »

How can you prevent identity theft on mobile devices? Our top tips.

Smartphones and tablets help us work, plan activities, and shop on the go, but as mobile buying and banking become more popular, consumers are becoming more vulnerable to identity fraud. So how can you prevent identity theft on your mobile devices? Here are some simple ways to keep your identity and information safe from hackers, particularly when it comes to these increasingly popular gadgets. ... Continue Reading »