Affordable ways to show your loved ones you care this Valentine's Day

Stores are filled with flowers, candy, stuffed animals and heart-filled cards as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. People browse the aisles looking for the perfect gift. In fact, people spend roughly $9.324 billion on significant others/spouses on Valentine’s Day each year, with prices of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts increasing annually. This year, take the time to think about the true meaning behind the holiday - It’s not about dining at the most expensive restaurants or exchanging expensive gifts. It’s about celebrating your loved ones. You should be honoring your relationships with your loved ones throughout the year instead of over spending one day to express your love. Consider these heartfelt ways, that don’t break the bank, to show your loved ones you care this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Stay at home instead of dining out

One of the most common ways to celebrate the holiday is by going out to a nice dinner with your significant other. While doing so may be fun, the reality is that restaurants are providing limited menus and marking up their food costs, while providing a mediocre experience. The overly crowded restaurants often mean that you have to wait for a table, as well. This year, avoid the hassle of the crowds and average food. Cook some of your favorite dishes and enjoy a quiet evening at home.

  1. Create DIY gifts instead of buying expensive items

There’s really nothing better than a hand-made gift. This year skip the store bought cards, flowers and jewelry, and make your significant other a gift. You could hand write a letter telling them how much they mean to you. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money on gifts to impress your significant other. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind something you’ve made them.

  1. Bake a sweet treat instead of purchasing candy

Gifting chocolates has become a Valentine’s Day norm. If you’re valentine has a sweet tooth, consider baking their favorite dessert instead of gifting the expected. It’d be a simple, appreciated change to a Valentine’s Day tradition.

Over the years Valentine’s Day has become an overly commercialized holiday. Remember the true reason for the holiday, and implement some of the above practices, to make your Valentine’s Day an affordable, unforgettable one!